Canyoning in Raglan, New Zealand

I did this canyon with Bexie, Jocelyn, Lisa and Helen.  We were taken through the canyon by our instructor, Anne Windust.

Canyoning is an amazing adventure. We thoroughly enjoyed it and found it challenging in places. The canyon is located 10 min out of Raglan along Te Hutewai road. The whole adventure takes about 3 – 3 ½ hours including the car ride.

Canyoning in Raglan
The first jump

You start the canyon in waist deep water, wading for about  5 – 7 min, hanging onto flax to help you balance. You then crawl through a tunnel on your tummy and let the current of the water help pull you through. The first jump is very exciting, and maybe a bit scary if you’re not fully comfortable with heights! Maybe half way along the canyon there is also an opportunity to abseil down a 15ft waterfall and into the water at the bottom. Because we were a small group we got a bonus opportunity of being able to do a little bit of rock climbing at a second waterfall. This was only possible because the water levels were quite low.

Canyoning in Raglan
The second jump
Canyoning in Raglan
bexie and Amber acting as bat’s

We loved the canyoning adventure. It was so beautiful to explore the stream. You can also do this same canyon at night time! Night canyoning is a totally different experience! Head torches are provided and the main difference is that you are able to see all of the glow worms on the sides of the canyon. There are hundreds of them in places, and it makes for a really magical experience. It feels like you’re wading through a fairy world!

Canyoning in Raglan
The crew
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