Kayak to Te Akau Waterfall – Raglan, NZ

Kayaking, Te Akau waterfall, raglan, outdoors, limestone rocks
leaving the Jetty to explore the other side

taking a we break

On this particular adventure we had the luxary of crossing from Raglan to Te Akau with ian Hardy on his boat. On the otherside at birdbay we got into our kayaks and explored the limestone rocks and coast line hugging the coast.

Then we explored up ponganui creek with our kayaks untill we came to a small water fall from here we we got out our hiking shoes and did a 10 min short hike off trail through a bush track to a 8m high water fall.

It was a great adventure we throughly enjoyed it so to recap a boat ride over on the Raglan harbour cruise boat 15 min, then kayak/hike up a creek and explored and found some waterfalls.

This tour can be done for $99 per person just call me (Amber) on +64 27 294 6949 and we can sort it for you. Includes boat ride over, guided tour and kayak and lifejacket hire.

This kayak tour is tide and weather depend and all tour must leave 1 hour before high tide. Call me if you want any more detail on it to do the tour with me or expolre it yourself.

The first waterfall

A we video below to watch so you know what to expect