Ziplining in Vanuatu

ziplining, outdoors, Vanuatu, Nature, Forest

Kirsten and I had a weeks holiday in Vanuatu in June and decided to go Ziplining.  We had been wanting to do this adventure since we had arrived, and finally did it right at the end of our trip.

The company was “Vanuatu Jungle Zip Line Tours” The cost was roughly $130 NZ dollars, and in our opinion was a little bit over priced. We found that the whole zipline tour was over  in about 15 min which we felt was incredibly quick.  My expectation was it that would be longer for that kind of money.  However, money aside, it was very pretty with spectacular views of the forest and ocean, and even a canyon.

ziplining, outdoors, Vanuatu, Nature, Forest
Over the rope bridge we go

We were 80 meters above the ground in places and the 6 zip lines combined to a length of 200m.

ziplining, outdoors, Vanuatu, Nature, Forest
Here are the white gloves we had to wear

We had to wear these white goves which we used to brake by pressure on the cable which we discovered to be a bit scary. Fortunately we only had to use this braking method a couple times on the first short ziplines. The long ones we could be hands free!

Overall though we felt it was definitely worth doing. We had an awesome time flying through the trees and tropical forest of Vanuatu. The guides who took us were safe and helpful and made the experience very enjoyable for us.


ziplining, outdoors, Vanuatu, Nature, Forest

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